Hyundai Vision G Concept Car Revealed

Click to Watch: Hyundai Vision G Concept Car Revealed

The new Genesis coupe concept is not the new Genesis Coupe. The Korean automaker Hyundai is taking a step in the upmarket direction with the all new Vision G concept. What was previously known as the HCD-16 concept made its debut at LACMA before heading up to the concept car lawn at Pebble Beach later this week. The Vision G concept is a luxurious 2+2 GT interpretation of what future motoring can be. Powered by a Tau V8 sending power to the rear wheels, the Vision G is seeming more like an S Class Coupe than a Q60 competitor. Hyundai Design Chief Chis Chapman explains. HCD-16 DEBUT Vision G Hyundai Genesis Coupe Luxury GT Concept.

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