Rolls-Royce Bespoke Program Will Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Rolls-Royce Bespoke Program Will Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Rolls Royce is perhaps the most premium automotive brand in the world. The brand’s rich history is all thanks to the preference of many millionaires and billionaires who choose Rolls Royce over other luxury brands like Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and others. The company goes all out for its customers by crafting one-of-a-kind consumer specific cars. Their vehicles can be customized to the most intricate and subtle detail and that is why Rolls Royce enjoys a special place in the industry. What is Rolls Royce’s Bespoke program and how popular is it?

Bespoke To The Core

The Rolls Royce Bespoke Program is quite popular. In fact, thanks to the program the British company sold around 800 cars in 2016 for example. That is a significant number considering Rolls Royce cars are handmade. Machinery and robots are used only when absolutely necessary.

Naturally, not all Rolls Royce cars are bespoke. Some buyers like the “standard” options RR has to offer, while others are simply priced out of the program as a bespoke Rolls Royce can cost well north of a half a million dollars. According to estimates, the Bespoke Program amounts for 20 percent of the company’s sales and the share is expected to grow. Some speculate that this trend is due to the rise in wealth worldwide and the number of buyers that can afford this premium program.  Others say that it’s more of a cultural shift with buyers having a stronger desire nowadays to make an individual statement of their tastes and standards.

The Rolls Royce Bespoke Program represents the pinnacle of luxury in the automotive world. With other top end car manufacturers your choices can be limited, but opt for a bespoke Rolls Royce and you are presented with a nearly limitless buffet of customization options. Take the exterior color for example, Rolls Royce offers you 44,000 colors to choose from. On top of that you get a similar number of options for the interior theme, artistically hand painted patterns and lining options. You can even choose the color of the thread which will be used to stitch the leather of your choice.

The company takes pride in their Atelier room and bespoke customers are invited there to decide the best theme for their car. The company can even fit a picnic table inside if that is what you desire. They believe in pleasing their customers and they will go to any length to achieve that.

Well-Known Bespoke Cars

The house of Rolls-Royce has churned out a number of notable bespoke vehicles in the past year. Each vehicle is special and hand-made to the core. Some of the most famous Rolls Royce of recent months are:

Phantom ‘Whispered Muse’

This unique Rolls Royce is inspired by the original drawings of the Spirit of Ecstasy, the ornament on every Rolls Royce hood. The silk Spirit of Ecstasy on the Whispered Muse is designed by British artist Amy Murray to show the British brands supremacy in the field of luxury automobiles. The whole car has a ‘feminine’ touch to it with the interior being graced with the use of glass and the Spirit of Ecstasy as well part of the car being bathed in Rose Gold – a first for Rolls Royce.

The Gentleman’s Tourer

Another bespoke Phantom produced in 2018 was the Gentleman’s Tourer. As its name suggests, this car has been designed specifically for Grand Touring purposes. In easier words, you can take it on a long cross-country trip and the car wouldn’t break a sweat nor would you since the Gentleman’s Tourer is extremely comfortable.  The interior cabin and the exterior façade have masculine tones which is evident with the use of the matte black theme. There is another surprise in the cabin – the Ruthenium Phantom Gallery. Ruthenium is an extremely rare material that belongs to the platinum family, so its inclusion makes this Rolls Royce a very special one.

The Dawn Black Badge

The 593 horsepower Dawn Black Badge became more noteworthy thanks to Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Benjamin Treynor Sloss. The esteemed Google official received his personalized Black Badge in 2018. This car is bathed with a bright ‘Superflare’ yellow on the exterior while the interior is adorned with a ‘Pikes Peak Blue’ finish that is one of the darkest blues you will ever see. Apparently, that is the color for all of the vehicles in Mr. Sloss’s collection. The interesting color theme gets an extra boost in the interior where there is a subtle use of yellow and blue.

Fuxia Phantom

Michael Fux, a prominent collector, is a loyal customer of Rolls Royce. He purchased his eleventh Bespoke Rolls Royce in 2018, the Fuxia Phantom. Mr. Fux has a number of cars in his garage that have a special purple color on them. Rolls Royce calls it the Fux Intense Fuxia Pearl and they only apply this color on Mr. Fux’s cars. The purple is contrasted with ‘Arctic White’ leather in the interior to add a nice soft royal touch. The special color allows the Fuxia Phantom to stand out on the street.

The Viewing Suite Cullinan

Last year also saw the production of the Viewing Suite Rolls Royce Cullinan. Rolls Royce makes use of the extra space in the back of the mighty Cullinan by adding a pair of fold our chairs. These chairs can pop out with the touch of a button allowing you to sit and enjoy the view. There is also a small table between the two chairs for you to enjoy a drink or two (of the finest wine). The intelligent use of the Cullinan’s space has opened new avenues for Rolls Royce to explore.

Overall Thoughts

The Rolls Royce Bespoke program reached new heights in 2018 as Rolls Royce celebrated its most successful year for the Bespoke Program ever. With the nearly unlimited options being provided by the British marque it would be no surprise that future Rolls Royce buyers opt for the personalized program rather than going for a “regular” themed luxury car. Sure, the bespoke RR cars come with a hefty premium to the vehicle’s already steep price.  But how much is exclusivity worth to you?  How much is having precisely what you want in a car worth to you?  How much is fulfilling an automotive dream worth to you?  Only a fortunate few will be in the situation where they must ponder.  To bespoke, or not to bespoke: that is the question.


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