Spectacular Two Tone Classic Cars

Spectacular Two Tone Classic Cars

Today, few cars are offered with a two tone exterior color scheme.  Sure they exist (usually as options), such as the Honda Element, Rolls-Royce Ghost, Toyota FJ, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Mini Cooper, Ford F-Series, Ram Trucks, or even on the Bugatti Chiron hypercar.  Other modern cars could be mistaken for a two tone paint job, although they aren’t what they seem.  For instance, the Pontiac Aztek and first generation Chevrolet Avalanche feature generous amounts of dark plastic below their single paint color.  It looks two-tone, but is not.

Still, compared to yesteryear, modern two-tone rides are few and far between relative to the overall marketplace.  Forty, fifty and sixty years ago, two-tone cars dominated the streets.  The two tone design worked well on everything from convertible sports cars, to pickups and luxury sedans.

Nothing quite compares to a true two-tone paintjob on a beautiful classic car.  The contrast is striking and can really set it apart from its classic peers at a car event.

Although the two-tone paintjob has come in and out of fashion over the years, I hope automotive designers will continue to take a chance on them to spur a comeback in modern cars.  If you like this classic two tone cars article or have ideas for automobile(s) that should have made the list then make sure to post a comment below!


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