Wonderful in White – Classics Cars that Look Amazing in White

Wonderful in White – Classics Cars that Look Amazing in White

White cars have their pros and cons.  Let’s start with the bad…

  • White sedans, coupes, trucks, vans and hatchbacks are positively everywhere.  It’s one of the most popular colors and has been since the early days of the automobile.  In a recent Kelley Blue Book study, popularity of white colored cars rank as the top 3 color choice for overall colors for any type of vehicle, (SUVs/Minivans/Trucks, Luxury vehicles and Sedans/Wagons/Hatchbacks).  White missed the top 3 color choice and was 4th in only the Convertibles/Coupes segment of the study.  So, the negative here is that you lose the distinction and uniqueness in white that you gain with other less popular hues like green, orange, yellow or especially purple. If you want to get lost in a crowd then I suppose that can be a good thing.
  • According to, white cars are the 2nd most often stolen behind silver, as opposed to rare and/or vibrant colors that can attract more attention.
  • On certain types of vehicles white can look rather cheap.  Any base model pickup or panel van says “economic utility”, while white on bare bones rental cars will generally cheapen the look even further.
  • If you live in an area that receives copious amounts of snow, then you’ll know that white cars can even pose a safety risk.  White cars can blend in to the snow making it difficult for other drivers to see as well as more difficult for the snow plow operator to see it parked.

Those are the few negatives.  Overall, positives are plentiful with white cars…

  • To counter the safety issues in snow, white has been proven to be the easiest car color to see during daylight.
  • White can perhaps best reveal accentuated curves and angles of a car.
  • Oftentimes white paint is not metallic, so it’s less expensive to paint or touch-up.
  • White cars are better at not showing wear, dirt and contaminants compared to other colors.
  • White paint reflects light so it keeps the car cooler in warm temperatures.
  • White cars can best accentuate and reveal a cars contrasting features such as different colored mirrors, spoiler, grill, trim, etc.
  • Most important of all…Bird poop blends right in!  🙂

While of course there are a number of modern cars that can wear a coat of white paint glamorously, this list is comprised solely of classic cars.  There is just something about classics in white that adds an extra dimension, extra drama or look that is much more regal.  If you like this list of amazing classic white cars, or have ideas for other cars that should have made the list then make sure to leave a comment below and share.


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